Applying common sense to supply chain consulting

Sample Projects

Established as an independent Supply Chain consultancy in 2003, we have carried out a variety of Supply Chain consulting assignments supporting a wide range of industries throughout the UK and Europe.

We have considerable operational and strategic experience ranging from detailed warehouse and transport procedures through to European infrastructures and the management organisations and IT systems necessary to support them.

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Project managed the European implementation of a Demand Planning process for a major medical equipment supplier. Forecast accuracy improved from 35% to 80%. Focused on aligning European operations, combining local Demand Planning with central Strategic Inventory and Replenishment Planning. At the Software House User Summit the project won the "Best implementation" award.
Designed a new Uniform Store for a major UK public sector organisation. Objectives included: sufficient storage, range and throughput capacity to meet current and projected requirements; managing the relocation to the new location.
Supported a business system implementation for a leading UK Wine Merchant:
  • Responsibility for procedural improvements, design, testing and training of all aspects of the Warehouse operations.
  • Implemented inter-departmental Service Level Agreements to support on-going improvements to internal communications and external Customer Service Levels.
  • Designed a comprehensive package for training warehouse and ancillary staff. Features include screen shots, tutor’s notes and trainee’s exercises.
  • Produced detailed processes and training manuals.
Responsible for the planning and implementation of a chilled food operation in France. Introduced operational efficiencies, reduced lead-times and extended product shelf-life in store. Documented processes and procedures. This involved physical layout design, manpower and management resource planning and systems specification, as well as liaison between the UK-based customer, the local management and the workforce.
The leading Belgian supermarket retailer wished to review its supply chain for slow moving and bulky product lines. These lines had been supplied direct to over 600 outlets nationwide and little information was available on the goods flows and volumes. Conducted a fundamental review of existing purchasing and distribution methods involving the buying teams, and conducted direct negotiations with the suppliers. The recommendation to centralise and outsource the warehousing and distribution was accepted and implemented. Operational efficiency and on-shelf availability were improved, lead-times were reduced and customer service levels increased .
As part of a strategy to streamline the supply chain of non-retail items, this major supermarket retailer wished to commence a nominated carrier scheme for supply into its central Distribution Centre. We were responsible for the selection of carrier and managed negotiations with the relevant suppliers.
  • Identified transport and warehousing cost implications of a merger for a major food manufacturer, enhanced these results with option modelling for different scenarios.
  • Produced Excel spreadsheet enabling future scenario modelling by the management team of an automated despatch operation.
  • Carried out a detailed review of despatch operations (for UK and Export) for a manufacturer of connectivity products (£28m annual sales).
  • Prepared a bespoke model to compare logistics implications given alternative strategic options.
  • Working with a garage forecourt convenience food retailer in Poland, obtained current cost details from the third party provider and compared with prevailing market levels in order to identify potential savings.
  • Used Transportation cost modelling tools to consider different strategic options and prepare the high level cost impact of combining the transport activities of two recently merged High St retailers.
  • Carried out an in-depth expert review of a 3PL proposal to operate a warehouse on behalf of a fashion distributor.
  • UK High St retailer (T/O £100m): reviewed strategic objectives and considered the longer-term suitability of the warehousing and distribution network to accommodate e-commerce fulfilment and omnichannnel growth objectives.
  • Conducted a detailed survey of freight requirements for SME’s in selected London regions. The survey was designed to assist businesses in their preparation for maintaining delivery service levels during the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Also fed back information regarding the preparedness of local London businesses.
  • Analysed operational synergies for a number of different companies across Ireland (including Northern Ireland) that had recently been brought together under a common wholesale banner (T/O 140m euros). Used transport modelling tools as well as direct observation to make a number of recommendations. Identified up to 10% potential for reductions in transport and warehousing costs.
  • Convenience retailer (Poland): benchmarked current transport and warehousing costs and operations.
  • Prepared Invitation to Tender (in French) for a WMS to manage a mechanical spares distribution operation in France.
  • Designed a new Uniform Store for a major UK public sector organisation. Objectives included: sufficient storage, range and throughput capacity to meet current and projected requirements; managing the relocation to the new location.
  • Managed a project to determine options and assess potential risks/benefits for a semi-automated warehouse extension programme. (£5m Capex).