Applying common sense to supply chain consulting

Key Features of the KPI Service

Assessment of current information systems and reporting methods

  • Comment on inconsistencies within current reporting.
  • Build on existing management reporting mechanisms and produce meaningful and useful statistics.

Definition of requirements

  • Management reports are produced for a variety of reasons and at different frequencies depending on the business profile. In the logistics industry such reports are often produced on a monthly basis and contain many KPI’s designed to improve understanding of the past and help to plan and prepare for the future.
  • KPI's can be presented within a model that becomes more precise as additional historical data is captured.
  • Flexibility should be built in to allow for future changes to operational practices.

Design Output

  • Raw data is abundant in most operations, the issue is how to select and present information in a manner that is Visual, Relevant, Valid and Concise.
  • This often means using:
    • Charts and summaries - to bring out the main points.
    • Excel spreadsheets - easily accessible for all users.
  • Reports should be simple to maintain whether in-house or as an external service.