Applying common sense to supply chain consulting

Our objective

is to help companies consider alternative Supply Chain methodologies: using data to model different scenarios; reviewing processes, considering alternatives and potential impact; managing the ITT process.

About Us

C.S. Supply Chains is a Logistics and Supply Chain focussed independent consultancy. Currently helping companies use data to better understand their Supply Chain and its potential.

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  • Established as an independent Supply Chain consultancy in 2003.
  • Assignments carried out throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Supporting a wide range of industries.
  • Considerable operational and strategic experience.
  • Detailed warehouse and transport procedures.
  • Successful projects include: European infrastructures; Management organisations; Supply Chain IT systems.

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Email us at: janegreen [at] cssupplychains [dot] co [dot] uk
Phone us on: +44 (0)7710 179287
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